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Ferrar’s Limerick Directory 1769

(E=Englishtown, I=Irishtown) Alcock, Nathaniel; Auctioneer; Peter’s-street Allen, Joseph; Hosier; Main-street E Alley, Thomas and Sons; Woollen-drapers; Main-Street E Alley, Thomas; Chandler; Main-Street E Alley, William; Wine Merchant; Main-Street E Allison, James; Baker; Main-street E Ambrose, Stephen; Vintner; Quay Lane Ankettle, John; Wine Merchant; Main-street E Arthur, Patrick; Merchant; Main-Street I Arthur, Joseph; Merchant; Main-street I […]

Kilmallock Walled Town Day festival brings medieval history to life

As Limerick’s hurlers prepare to do battle with neighbours Clare in Sunday’s All-Ireland Hurling Senior Championship Semi-Final, the County Limerick town of Kilmallock recreated its own battle scene as part of Kilmallock’s Walled Town Day. Hundreds of people stepped back in time on Saturday August 17th.for the annual event and experienced a glimpse of life […]

Peter Tait A Limerick Entrepreneur

Clothing the Confederacy: Taits of Limerick Sir Peter Tait was born in Scotland in 1828, but moved to Limerick at a young age. In 1844 he obtained a job working as a shop assistant in the Cumine and Mitchell department store. However, when trade grew slow Tait lost his position, … Publish Date: 05/11/2010 19:16 […]