Ferrar’s Limerick Directory 1769

(E=Englishtown, I=Irishtown) Alcock, Nathaniel; Auctioneer; Peter’s-street Allen, Joseph; Hosier; Main-street E Alley, Thomas and Sons; Woollen-drapers; Main-Street E Alley, Thomas; Chandler; Main-Street E Alley, William; Wine Merchant; Main-Street E Allison, James; Baker; Main-street E Ambrose, Stephen; Vintner; Quay Lane Ankettle, John; Wine Merchant; Main-street E Arthur, Patrick; Merchant; Main-Street I Arthur, Joseph; Merchant; Main-street I […]

“Me Fahdur And Me Muddur”

(Spoken in the Limerick dialect of the 1930s and 1940s) Me fahdur packed up and left us whin I was only eight years old, just whin I was gettin’ to know and really love him. For some reason or other, I don’t know what, a fella called Jeezez ‘called him away’. Jeezez was a fella […]

Now my feet are planted in a far off land

I have read many little stories from the beautiful writers of Limerick, sure enough, some are maybe my school mates whom I have little recollection of now since 60 odd years have been like a slow drawn blotter on the blackboard of my life, erasing,erasing with that terrible screech every now and again as the […]

Memories of Burton’s Billiard Saloon

Burton’s Billiard Saloon was for many a Limerick man a house of refuge in the ‘forties and early ‘fifties. Every morning of the week men stood in wait for ”Baw” Sullivan, the caretaker, to arrive. The long, mirrored, mosaic corridor, where men would have a final glance at their quiffs before going up to the […]

The Widow’s Penny

A record of the Limerick – city and county men – who died in the Great War When I started to compile the record of Limerick Men who died in the Great War, I had fewer than ten names. This would turn out to be a gigantic task, but I felt it had to be […]

Living and Dying in Limerick

Frank Thompson, one of Limericks oldest established Funeral Undertakers, was born at 43 Roches Street on the 30th. of November 1919. He had an unusual birth because he was born with a broken leg which resulted from a beating his mother received from the Black and Tans when they broke into his house looking for […]