A celebration of Limerick cinema’s golden age

House Full – An Affectionate look back at the old Cinemas and Theatres of LimerickThe People, the stories, the films and the shows. This independently published “labour of love” book by first time author Limerick man Joe Coleman takes the reader back over 200 years of the social and cultural history. It is fully illustrated in A4 portrait paperback, containing 184 pages and 172 images. It is divided into 5 sections, of which each one is described as a ‘journey’ through a particular timeframe. The book was written especially for Limerick’s National City of Culture 2014. The subject had not been covered before, at least not as a complete work.

There were 108 contributors of which only 92 are credited in the finished work and these included many former cinema workers, including the author and those who remember going to the pictures right back to the 1950’s. Although not a definitive history the book draws from 65 sources of reference to make it as complete and accurate as possible. House Full is intended as an easy read and can be taken up or put down anywhere, without having to read it through from cover to cover.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

House Full became an instant best seller with copies literally flying off the bookshelves and remaining in constant demand throughout the year. Reviews have described it as “A great read”, “A real page turner”, “Unique and original”, “A well-crafted book”, “Brilliant”, “The rip roaring success of the year” and “The best Limerick book in years”.

For the author it has been a deeply personal and at times an emotional journey and is already considered to be a lifetime achievement.

While the book is almost completely sold out with copies remaining in The Celtic Bookshop – Ruthland Street, The Paper Train at Colbert Station and The NCW Bookshop in the Square Newcastle West.

See Limerick Leader interview with Joe Coleman here

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