Guitar Video Lessons Are The New Way To Learn To Play The Guitar

guitar video lessons

Guitar Video Lessons have struck a chord

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Why Guitar Video Lessons?

The popularity of online guitar video lessons is exploding. Industry leaders such as Guitar Superstars, now provide hundreds of hours of lessons from professional online instructors.

Guitar video lessons offer a unique learning opportunity for anyone who wants to learn to play this popular instrument. In the internet age their appeal as a way of getting to grips with the guitar have struck a chord.

The beauty is they can be fine tuned to target  any specific learning technique that you require. Some websites and companies offer a complete learning pack in which people are able to learn on a daily basis or as often as they require.

A good guitar video lessons course offers the ability to easily navigate between different sections of the material. Guitar DVDs are normally split into chapters, so you can easily find the section you want.

The beginner guitar lesson course that has been around the longest is Guitar Tricks which was started in 1998. Thousands of lessons have been posted on their site from over forty guitar teachers.

Since then dozen of others have sprung up among them Jamorama, Jam Play and Guitar Superstars to name but three of the most succesful. Anyone can get access to their video guitar lessons simply by registering with the respective website and paying a monthly fee.

Who Will Benefit Most From Online Guitar Video Lessons?

One good thing about guitar video lessons is that they are far less expensive than in-personlessons with a teacher. Jam Play co-founder, Chris Dawson observes: “In-person lessons have certain perks, but with the increased speed of Internet connections users are able to interact directly with our instructors via webcam for up to 12 hours per day. When you couple this interaction with our 500 hours of lessons, it is easy to see why more and more users are choosing this option.”

A good video guitar course will begin with the basics and work all the way up to more expert techniques. This means there’s no short cutting around the important things, such as guitar parts, care and so on. These elements are really essential and can really benefit beginning players and even a novice by teaching the basics first.

While many people aspire to learning to play the guitar, it can be a demanding instrument to master. However, through guided lessons displayed in videos anyone can nowadays become an expert.

“Video lessons are more dynamic and have a better chance of keeping the student focused, according to Andy Johnson, founder and CEO of Guitar Superstars.

“They have the advantage of allowing you to practice at home whenever you find the time. Video close ups show exactly the hand positions and the dynamic nature of guitar playing. This allows you to copy the instructor and actually play some cool tunes very quickly”.

If you have decided that you want to learn how to play guitar, you are in for loads of fun. Playing guitar is an enjoyable past time, whether it is for your own personal enjoyment, or if you want to play with others, maybe even in a band. All you need to do is get out there and start taking some guitar video lessons.

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