New book sheds photographic light on events of last century

In October 2010, Hunt Museum hosted an exhibition that drew the masses, that of the photography and equipment of Franz Sebastian Haselbeck, ‘Fond Memories Bring the Light’. Haselbeck (1885-1973) was a professional photographer, based in the Mid West, whose work of 70 years all but died with him. Then a collaborative project between ESB Archive and his family worked to restore his.

It has been described as “a prism through which we can view the major political, commercial and social developments which happened over the greater part of the last century”.

Franz’ granddaughter Patricia Haselbeck Flynn is publishing a selection of c.180 of these photos in her book, ‘Franz S Haselbeck’s Ireland’ along with personal correspondence and documentation. Out in early September, she describes the 160 page issue by Collins Press “as the culmination of almost five years of my life and every free moment.”

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