Weekending Mon 4th Oct – Sun 10th Oct

Film: Tues 5th Oct @ 8pm. Ireland / 2009 / 80mins. AWARD WINNING FILM
HIS & HERS Directed by Ken Wardrop. Rarely have the odd and the ordinary combined to such beguiling effect. Winner of a small hatfull of prizes over the last year, Ken Wardrop’s debut feature proudly defies categorisation. Comprising a large number of conversations with the ordinary (but remarkable) Irish women, His & Hers certainly satisfies most lucid definitions of a documentary.
Tickets €6/€5

Theatre: Thurs 7th – Sat 9th Oct @ 8pm
ELYSIUM NEVADA by Barry McKinley. Directed by Terry Byrne.
Two grumpy old men in wheelchairs sit on the balcony of their retirement home near Las Vegas and gaze out at the Nevada desert. As they reflect on their lives and times, their conversation is salty and richly comic, reminiscent of “The Odd Couple” forty years on.

LOST CITY a new play by the same author, Barry McKinley is the companion piece to Elysium Nevada. A lonely middle-aged reclusive man in in his work-shed has fantasies about being an explorer in search for the Lost City of the Incas, but at the same time is planning a special kind of revenge on the violent father who has cruelly dominated his life.
Tickets €15/€12. Groups €10

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