Must-watch Shows/movies on Netflix

Great must-watch Shows/movies on Netflix

This list tries to hit all bases as it sees us through the casual comedy sitcoms and the nitty gritty cop shows, and the whacky quacky scifi show too because who doesn’t love those but obviously not everything on this list will appeal to everyone but these are all shows I personally liked, or atleast know someone who likes them,
for this we’ll give 10 tv shows (Series 1), 5 movies and 5 honorable mentions (Series 2), a series being an article and i’ll also mention the intended audiences to help you along. Have fun :–{ ]
Series 1 ep 1:
breaking bad, breaking bad is a must watch for anyone looking fora slow burner, this show is paced to play with your anticipation, breaking bad also has the perfect hint of dark humor to funnily enough lighten up the mood of the show. starring Bryan Cranston as Walter white, a chemistry teacher breaks bad in order to leave his family money after he finds out he has lung cancer.

Series 1 ep 2:
Community – a wonderful gem written by one of the writers of Rick & Morty, community is about a Lawyer waring up to life in a Community college (way better than it sounds, now that I think of it) its full of whacky character stereotypes that are hilariously accurate to the class dynamics of most colleges either way this is aimed at anybody who went to community college, or third level education in general, and for all you dead pool loving fans there is a lot of 4th wall breaking through the movie loving character Abed Nadeer.

Series 1 ep 3:
Rick & Morty – The pinnacle of Sci-fi comedy right now. Written by Dan Harmon this series follows a mad scientist and his grandson across the universe (and a bunch of different dimensions) Rick & Morty is very layered featuring man comedy elements such as 4th wall breaks, a giant complicated skit on Sci-Fi’s, with nearly every episode being themed on some pop culture/ Sci-Fi thing; em night Shamalien, for example, being the name of one of the episodes. Rick & Morty has also got some nice Easter eggs and likes to build on the previous with retaining details from previous episodes, such as a crack in the pavement around the house.

Series 1 ep 4:
Dirk Gently – Another sci-fi adventure comedy, starring Elisa wood, this Netflix creation is not for everybody (judging by the 3-star rating out of 5 that it got) but I Liked it enough to mention it here, it’s got something to do with the universe and funny ways a guy can survive in moments of danger, I haven’t gotten to the end yet but I’m hoping it’s not the reason it’s got three stars

Series 1 ep 5:
Narcos – I don’t personally find this very entertaining, its gritty for my tastes I guess, not enough humor, but if you like big budget stories about drug dealers that make it onto Forbes than this is it. Told through the perspective of the detective responsible for Pablo’s Escobar’s downfall, this is the definition of a great classic that I’ll probably end up watching in a couple of years and wondering why I didn’t like it so the first-time round

Series 1 ep 6:
Vampire diaries – this is for the female audience or anyone into cheesy supernatural teen dramas, my sister loves it, me though, I can’t follow it at all, all these people dying left right and center only for them to come back the next episode, or even later that episode because of some magic ring or because they’re “already dead or something to do with being original af, either way it’s got a lot of hot actors spitting out cheesy teen drama dialogue and has gathered a lot of attention among that audience as a result and if you are part of this audience then definitely give it a look.

Series 1 ep 7:
it’s always sunny in Philadelphia – three friends and the sister of one run an Irish pub together, this show is ridiculous and whacky but it’s in no way short of humor! and top off everything off, Danny DeVito joins the crew in season 2. this is for anybody who loves friends but also loves movies like the hangover

Series 1 ep 8:
How I met your mother – ted miller is looking to settle down but it takes him 8 seasons, this show definitely has a friends dynamic to it but that doesn’t make it bad, if anything its something for all the friends lovers out there to hop into a new series (which you will hate once you’ve watched it all and have to face the fact that it’s all over again) seriously though this is a great sitcom full of wonderful jokes and situations, and even better its full of likeable people.

Series 1 ep 9:
the big bang Theory – before rick & Morty we had this – in fact we still do! And thanks to Netflix, you can run through all the episodes and see what all the fuss is about, since let’s be honest, watching the same 7 or so reruns on tv 4 times is not the same as watching fresh from the pilot episode and best part is you can just skip the ones you’ve seen, all 7 of them.

Series 1 ep 10:
Archer – if you like animated comedies then you might like this, it’s basically an American skit on James bond and the character is probably based on Cary Grant, the American equivalent stereo type actor for James bond, known for his lazy acting style, anyways, again it didn’t personally gel with me but my friend loves it and I’m sue anyone who loves spy movies and south park will also love it.

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