Film company casting local characters for major production to be shot in Limerick

A Sparrow for the Wolves is the fictional story of boxer Shane Laden who, after leaving prison and returning to his family, struggles to overcome his nature and circumstances to win back the life and career that he lost.

Director Michael Quinn says, “It’s exciting, we have this team of really committed and talented people getting behind this, and I think we have one of the best cinematographers in Europe behind the camera, so we are giving ourselves every chance of creating something beautiful. Something raw and real. Something that will shake the Irish film industry, remind it that Limerick is still here, and still has great stories to tell.”

Producer Maeve McGrath says, “Producing a feature film on this scale will be a challenge but an exciting one. The generosity of the local community will play a large role in this. Limerick has a community of film-makers who are dedicated to their craft and are determined to bring the many stories imbedded in the city to the large screen.”

The film focuses on its protagonist Shane Laden, his internal struggles and his external struggles with his situation and circumstance.

Casting will commence in Limerick at the beginning of April and the production team plan to explore deep into the community in Limerick to find the right characters for the film. As well as open casting, the production team will look to street casting to find the cast.

They are looking for men aged 25-35 and 50-60 and women aged 25-35 and 50-60.

With BAFTA nominated DOP Paul O’Callaghan attached, feature film, A Sparrow for the Wolves will begin principal photography in various locations around Limerick City in August 2016 and is the debut feature of director Michael Quinn.

On a recent visit to Limerick, Paul O’Callaghan visited the Southside Boxing Academy to see the facilities there and took a tour of locations for filming in the city.

Quinn Pictures, Production Office,
CB1, 51A O’Connell Street,
Limerick City
Tel: 085-1093954

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