Is the latest version of the kindle worth buying for a university student?

I’m heading off to university soon and was wondering if the new kindle was worth buying for school work? I don’t really mind carrying around my books but I will be getting lecture notes published online so I could always store them on the kindle.

Is it just a toy? Or is it really worth buying in your opinion?


  1. jacky says

    Kindle is definitely an amazing device. Its worth the money.You can put ebooks/notes/audio books on your kindle also Notes and annotations are very easy to make.Very easy to use with the PC and the Mac Kindle is very straight forward there’s no need for additional software required for Kindle. Also supports you can also increase the text size which is again amazing.E-INK screen technology that don’t glare in any light so no strain to eyes and less harmful. There are wide range of books on kindle many are free and other are cheaper at price than the actual books so yes I have saved a lot of money till now.
    You dont have to carry now all those heavy actual books, kindle is so light weight which is carrying almost 1500 books within it. Since I travel a lot I really like the 3G Internet you can get the internet wherever you go. Whenever you are tired of reading you can also you Text-To-Speech with auto-page turning feature which is jst so relaxing. If the small size strains your eyes a lot than can also change the text-size. I must say Kindle is a small magic books really I cant live without it.

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  2. Mike P says

    I love my Kindle very much. If you’re thinking about getting the Kindle, I’ll say get it instead of other ebook readers and you won’t regret. Right now I’ve read over 50 books with the Kindle, and I really like the idea that I can bring and store all the books with the handy device. Besides, it uses the e-ink technology, it is really clear like reading books; and even I read with the device for long hours, I don’t feel tired. The internet browsing comes handy as well when I want to look for information on some specific area. My only complaint is the white case, the Kindle is only sold in white at the time when I got it, but now the new Kindle has graphite case which looks much better ;)

    Kindle books are cheaper than hard copies. I suggest you to read this review from a top reviewer who is also a book lover, it outlines quite a lot of benefits of the Kindle and also why it is worth especially at the end of the review:

    And there are some websites, where you can find more than a million of free books for the Kindle, so that’s why you no longer need to get to library, you can actually own these books:

    If you need to read PDF with charts and graphics, you may want to go for the larger Kindle DX (both the new Kindle and the new Kindle DX are now at a cheaper price and with better contrast). Read this review and you should be able to decide which one to get:

    Hope this helps.

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