What are the advantages of the Kindle over going to the Library?

I really want a Kindle but the only thing holding my parent’s back is that they think it is a waste of money to buy an expensive device, then have to also pay for the books too on top of that when you can just get free books from your local library? If you agree with my parent’s, don’t answer. I only want some good reasons to convince them. Thank you.


  1. Kieri says

    The Amazon Kindle store offers lots and lots of free books – several thousand, at last count. Most of these are classics, but there are some scifi/fantasy, thriller, romance, and nonfiction titles, too. New free titles appear constantly – just look at the Kindle bestseller list.

    There are also TONS of amazing "indie" books out there, mostly priced less than $2.00. I’ve found some really great books for less than a buck that you would NEVER find in a library!

    You can do some pretty basic web browsing (google, wikipedia, and the like) and there’s no monthly charge – something you wouldn’t get with, say, and iphone or a netbook.

    It might be useful at school – say you need to read "Great Expectations" for a class. With your Kindle, you can highlight and "clip" passages, make your own annotations in the text, and go online to do research. Plus, the book itself is FREE in the Kindle store.

    If you’re really into reading (say, you read more than 15-20 books a year) the cost for the Kindle really starts to balance out, as the price for Kindle books is generally much less than the price for a paper book.

    Save up your birthday money, do some jobs around the neighborhood, and save up – they’re only $259 now!

  2. Jayme says

    The Kindle is a luxury device. Whether its a waste of money or not depends on the person in question. A TV is also a luxury device, but many Americans consider them necessities. Incidently, you also have to pay for that and pay for content to fill it.

    To answer your question, the best part of having a kindle over a library is the selection and the immediate gratification. You can get any classic public domain books for free on various sites.

    If you really want your parents to go for it what I would recommend is trying to get them to go 50/50 with you. You’ll do chores or otherwise save up the money for 50% of the kindle if they’ll also go in 50/50 with you. It would show a great amount of responsibility (which you’ll need to own one, they break easily) and will also show its something you really want.

  3. kitty says

    Kindle offers a lot of books and also at a cheaper price. Once you buy the book its yours. Again it has such good features like 3G wireless and Text-To-Speech. You can have any newspaper at any place. Paper like display, 1500 books storage and list is on.I love this little magic book.

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  4. Mike P says

    I love my Kindle 2 very much. If you’re thinking about getting the Kindle, I’ll say get it and you won’t regret. Right now I’ve read over 10 books with the Kindle, and I really like the idea that I can bring and store all the books with the handy device. Besides, it uses the e-ink technology, it is really clear like reading books; and even I read with the device for long hours, I don’t feel tired. My only complaint is the white case, right now all the Kindles are in white color… I think it will be cool if I can have a black or deep blue color Kindle ;)

    I suggest you to read this review from a top reviewer who is also a book lover, it outlines quite a lot of benefits of the Kindle and also why it is worth especially at the end of the review:


    And there are some websites like these two, where you can find more than ten thousand free books for the Kindle:



    Hope this helps.

  5. Bruce says

    Tell them that it’s good for the environment! Less printed books means less trees being cut down. Also, you have access around 20,000 free ebooks on the Kindle!

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