What case will work for my Kindle 2 along with a silicone skin?

I want to use a silicone skin case on Kindle 2 while reading. However, I need more protection when I put it in my purse. Is there another case that will hold Kindle with skin still on it? Preferably not too bulky.
I have decided on the Belkin case…thanks for your suggestions. I can’t wait to get my Kindle 2…it’s for my bday in 2 weeks.


  1. Pauline A says

    You can choose between these two cases:



    Most of the other cases need to have the Kindle naked in order to fit into the case.

    I’m a Kindle 2 owner too. I’ve previously bookmarked an article about how to get most out of the Kindle, if you are interested BTW:


    Hope it helps :)

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