What is the method to buying books on the kindle?

I am interested in buying a kindle. I am wondering how you buy books off of the kindle though. Do you use a credit card or is it like itunes where you buy gift-cards with money on the card.


  1. Uncle Pennybags says

    As for how you buy the books, there are a couple of different methods:

    1. You can buy using your computer, just like any other shopping on Amazon. When bought, it will be wirelessly delivered to your Kindle.

    2. You can buy through your Kindle, going to the Kindle Store wirelessly. When you buy a book on your account, it will charge to the credit card you have on file, or if you have an account balance due to gift cards you’ve entered, it will draw on those.

    I’ve had mine for about 2 months and am very happy with it. I’m a pretty voracious reader, going through a book a week or so. It’s nice not to have all those books left over that I have to figure out how to get rid of every now and then. And your Kindle account will keep those books forever. 20 years after you bought and read it, you can read it again.

  2. Tyler K says

    Kindle is definitely an amazing device. Its worth the money.You can put ebooks/notes/audio books on your kindle also Notes and annotations are very easy to make.Very easy to use with the PC and the Mac Kindle is very straight forward there’s no need for additional software required for Kindle. Also supports you can also increase the text size which is again amazing.E-INK screen technology that don’t glare in any light so no strain to eyes and less harmful. There are wide range of books on kindle many are free and other are cheaper at price than the actual books so yes I have saved a lot of money till now.
    You dont have to carry now all those heavy actual books, kindle is so light weight which is carrying almost 1500 books within it. Since I travel a lot I really like the 3G Internet you can get the internet wherever you go. Whenever you are tired of reading you can also you Text-To-Speech with auto-page turning feature which is jst so relaxing. If the small size strains your eyes a lot than can also change the text-size. I must say Kindle is a small magic books really I cant live without it.

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  3. Christian D says

    Kindle 3 is definitely an amazing device.
    You can consider buying New Kindle 3G/Wifi & Kindle Wifi

    Amazon Kindle at amazon $189

    * Improved contrast for a clearer, brighter viewing experience.
    * Darker, more defined fonts.
    * Support for more font styles and scripts including Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic (Russian), Latin and Greek.
    * Smaller, slimmer, lighter design (but keeping the same 6" screen size).
    * Massively increased storage to cope with up to 3500 books.
    * Improved battery life (read for a month with Wifi switched off).
    * Built in Wifi.
    * Choice of Wifi only or Wifi and 3G models.
    * Softer feel to the back, making the new Kindle 3 easier to hold onto.
    * New web-browser with support for easy posting of your favorite passages to Facebook and Twitter.
    * A new VoiceGuide "read to me" menu.
    * Improved PDF reader with zoom facility.
    * New mp3 support. Download music or podcasts onto your new Kindle to listen on the go or simply as background music whilst you read.
    * These are just some of the highlights of the new generation Kindle 6" wireless reading device.

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