Intimate: Unplugged with Jared Nadin Stormy Sessions

To enter the Stormy Teacup is to be transported. To where, I’m not so sure. Perhaps Paris in the 20s, New York in the ‘50s, or simply Limerick: 2015. Diffused over fairy lights, amber lamps and multicoloured tea, perched on a stool in the middle of a make-shift stage, sits Jared Nadin. Here he strums, plucks, beats and pauses over a sapphire-blue semi-acoustic with a mix of covers and originals.

The audience, mostly young and city-centric, sit on chairs and couches cobbled together in rows: a bespoke theatre space. Humming along to familiar tunes delivered in a unique and piercing voice, or nodding silently to the soulful lyrics of his originals, we are easily lulled and lured into a safe environment filled with music and brew.

The Stormy Teacup is situated on Foxes Bow and has been open for little over a year now. It’s a delightful addition to the city, providing a wide range of events during the evenings from board game sessions to music gigs, comedy nights and film shoots. If you’re looking for a fine evening out alcohol-free, or simply want somewhere to sit and chill for an hour in the day, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more open spot than Stormy. Run by Christine McNally and M?rti?š Punculis, it is at once artistic and unpretentious. Here is not a home for hipsters alone, but any soul in want of warmth and conversation.

Nadin taught himself keys at fourteen, has been singing since he can remember and is perhaps best known as a regular on the city’s vibrant busking scene. When I asked about downpours and penniless days, he said, “what keeps me going is the other buskers in town, we have a great…scene here in Limerick.” As a passerby, it’s easy to forget a face in the crowd, and Nadin himself admits he “only [has] a handful of seconds with each person to land a tip.” But in the Stormy Teacup it was easy to see he was relaxed, allowing himself more time between songs to have witty banter and take heckles from the friendly faces.

Music is not his only artistic pursuit, however. One might call him a jack-of-all, but he’s certainly no master of none. Along with two bands, The Uncut Keys and The Buskateers, he co-runs a theatre group called Cannibals Not Canadians, whose express aim is new Limerick writing and “theatre to make you think”. He is also a co-founder of Stanzas, a monthly event for emerging writers. And he is currently developing A Fool’s Company with a focus on circus and fire skills. It seems there’s little art Nadin isn’t into, and though his music is certainly a forte his ambitions and talents are such that he must be referred to as a “Performer”.

Finishing the evening on “Is It Rainin’”, an original he co-wrote with his father after the untimely passing of his mother, and a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, Nadin shows his strongest feature. Is It Rainin’ blends easy-listening strumming with poignant, heart-wrenching lyricism while Crazy offers a jazzy twist on the hip-pop melody. Appropriate, for a man who’s spent his life with the nickname “Jazz”.

Catch Jared next Friday, August 14 at 17:00 in the Milk Market.

The next Stormy Teacup event is a Spanish Language Exchange on Wednesday, August 12.

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Photo courtesy: Lucy Dawson

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