Stylist Breda Stack aims to help women manage their Winter wardrobe

Breda Stack, Declutter Therapist, Stylist and Author of Limerick-based company LifeStyle Coach has a goal to teach and motivate as many people as possible to declutter!

Promoting a fresh and feel-good approach to decluttering, Breda regularly shares her expertise with local and national media.

And on Friday Oct 4th she’ll be in Kimono Boutique in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick sharing ideas on managing your Winter wardrobe.

Ideas she’ll be discussing include:

Body Shape, how you can identify your body shape and the clothes that suit the different body shapes.

Also style and how you can use it as a tool to feel confident.

Next there’s choosing investment pieces, how you can choose them and that are value for money.

And finally capsule wardrobe. What exactly a capsule wardrobe is and how you can create a capsule wardrobe for Winter that reflects your requirements.

Breda is a true advocate of the dozens of practical and holistic benefits of decluttering including a sense of freedom, regained control, a more defined sense of individual style and increased time, space, energy and money.

Through a unique range of individual and group decluttering services, Breda has helped hundreds of clients to break free from the overwhelm of clutter so they can enjoy happier, simpler lives.

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