Bishop of Limerick won’t resign


Donal Murray Bishop of Limerick

BISHOP of Limerick Donal Murray has said he does not intend to resign, after being implicated in a report which details how members of the Dublin Archdiocese handled complaints of child sexual abuse.

Speaking at the Social Service Centre on Henry Street this Thursday evening, Bishop Murray, who served 14 years as auxiliary bishop in the Dublin Archdiocese from 1982 to 1996, denied that he failed to act when allegations of sexual abuse were brough
to his attention.

“I wish to state that I never deliberately or knowingly sought to cover up or withhold information brought to my attention. There were, as the report notes, occasions when roles/responsibilities were not clear or where I did not have full information concerning cases in which I was asked to become involved,” said Bishop Murray.

However, had he succeeded in deriving more information into these cases “it might have been possible to prevent some of the dreadful suffering of child abuse”, he said.

“I very much wish I had been…

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