Event Catering Limerick – What You Should Know

event-catering-limerick-foodcourtEvent Catering Limerick:- Hiring an event catering company can be overwhelming especially if this is the first time that you have ever used one. According to Philip O’sullivan of Foodcourt Catering in Arthur’s Quay, Limerick, there are a few tips you should know about which will enable you to have a more pleasant experience.

First things first ! Word of mouth is an excellent place to start. Ask your friends and family who they have used in the past. Caterers pride themselves on repeat business. By striving to better themselves on high quality and good value service, the food will talk for itself. You can ask them to relay to you both their positive and negative experiences and these insights will already serve as your guide regarding things that you should avoid.

It will also be highly advisable for you to go online and check out information regarding event catering companies within or near your geographic area. When you have finished narrowing down your list of prospective event catering companies, contact them to request a quote for your event.
Be sure to have all your details in order to ensure an accurate rate.
Also be sure to ask your potential event caterer what is included in the price. It is a must that you already know the approximate number of the people that you are expecting to attend the event as well as the kind of food that you would like to be served.
Other important details include your event location, special dietary requests and times when you would like your food served. This will paint a picture for your caterer so that they may plan accordingly.
Often, you will find that an experienced caterer will know your location or will easily be able to inspect it in order to make things run smoothly on the day.

Knowing your budget before you talk to your caterer is also very important. It is impossible to provide a lobster plated dinner with a budget for fish & chips. Make sure your requests are realistic for your budget.

Be wary of deals that sound too good to be true as they most likely are.

Remember your caterer is there to manage and organize your catering needs. It is their sole responsibility to ensure things run as planned so you don’t have to. Make sure you take these extra steps to ensure a worry free day for yourself and a pleasant one for your guests!

Experience is also a very important element of deciding who to choose to cater your corporate, office or party catering event. The service should have extensive experience since their role in impressing their colleagues and hosting important events is extremely important. More information on Event Catering in Limerick

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