€631,928 Billion Giveaway!

Maura Harrington

Maura Harrington

Do you think this could solve our current financial difficulties?

Maura Harrington of Shell To Sea Campaign has been invited by Alternative View, Limerick, to give a talk in the Loft Venue at The Locke Bar Monday 13th Dec 2010 at 7.30pm on the effects that the giving away of our resources to Shell Oil will have on our economy and how we can reverse this situation and put it back in the hands of the people of Ireland.

Maura Harrington is a native of Erris, north Mayo. She taught for 35 years in the Parish of Kilcommon and retired from her position as Primary School Principal in 2008 to what she calls an ‘activist retirement’. Maura is a founder member of the Shell to Sea campaign which continues to raise awareness on the local health, safety and environment issues together with highlighting the truly shocking giveaway of Ireland’s natural resources.

Maura will talk about the giveaway issue and will provide facts and figures surrounding what has been referred to as ‘the Biggest Scandal of them All’; she will outline why these facts have not been made known to the people by mainstream print media and the state broadcaster. Also speaking on the night is Pat O’Donnell.

For more information or to interview Maura Tel 087 9591474.

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