top Limerick catering company nominated for prestigious EIQA award

Foodcourt Catering Limerick, one of the top catering companies in the Ireland, has been shortlisted for the prestigious EIQA awards which are being held on Friday, September 27th at the Burlington Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

The National Q Mark Awards recognises companies and organisations that have successfully implemented the Q Mark programme of choice.

“‘Being nominated for The National Q Mark Awards helps us to communicate our standards to our customers and our client company. It is very rewarding to be nominated and now our customers can share in our achievement every time they eat with us”, says Mark Delaney, Dublin area manager.

The selection process for choosing the winning candidates is rigerous and is judged by a panel of industry experts, business leaders and academics against in-depth scoring criteria.

These scores are added to the points awarded for the audit or assessment score and the finalist in each category with the highest score is the designated winner.

While Foodcourt Catering have been previous winners of this award back in 2010, they do not rest on their laurels and are well aware of how high the competition is.

‘I can’t say we do anything differently to our peers in the industry”, comments Mr Delaney.

“I would assume that everyone nominated for this award are following a similar guideline and approach. I would imagine that we all approach food safety in a very similar fashion. What I can say is – we do it better. Food Court Catering are a firm believer in doing the simple things right. Walk before you can run. we have implemented very straight forward, easy to follow systems. Elaborate is not always better and more often than not ineffective”.

While Foodcourt Catering continues to expand their reach making steady in roads into the larger Cork and Dublin markets, the moniker “big enough to cope, small enough to care”, very much applies to them, states Mark.

“it is very appropriate with a company like Food Court Catering. It’s this close, hands on approach to managing our units that has earned us our EIQA success to date.’

For more information about Foodcourt Catering, visit their website:

Photo above shows Foodcourt Catrering’s Mark Delaney, Dublin area manager and Pauline Kessier, chef manager.

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