Huge Support For Campaign To Give Shannon Wings

shannon-airportALMOST 5,000 people have signed an online petition as part of a campaign to “give Shannon wings” since it was set up by three businessmen last week.

Passenger numbers are set to plummet following Michael O’Leary’s recent announcement to axe Ryanair routes and frustrated by the inaction of the Dublin Airport Authority and the Government, the Ennis businessmen fear Shannon Airport is in terminal decline.

Momentum is building in the campaign by John O’Connor of Custy’s music store; Brian O’Neill of the Rowan Tree Restaurant and Hostel, and David Woodford of, who say their businesses have been greatly affected by the lack of access to the Mid-West through Shannon.

“We won’t realises the consequences of it until it is gone and all that will be left is the grazing rights on the airport grounds,” Mr O’Connor told the Limerick Leader.

He said staff at the airport were looking at “the grim reaper coming” unless something was done.

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