Launch Of Book By Limerick Author A Night Of Celebration


PJ Taylor at the launch of his second book

The long-awaited follow up, to Between The Three Bridges a memoir by PJ Taylor about life on Upper Carey’s Road, was unveiled on Friday December 4th at Punche’s Hotel.

The new book is titled: “Who’s Sorry Now” and continues the chronicle from 1962 to 1969 after his family moved from Carey’s Road to Garryowen and is the second in a series of five.

In his book PJ continues the story of growing up in a household of four children with an alcoholic father in the 1950s. Remembering the highs, the lows, the joys and the grief of loosing his mother when he was 21.

But overall it is a light-hearted tale, he insists.

School friends from CBS and St Joseph’s Scouts joined PJ and his family and one former resident of Carey’s Road even flew in from Hawaii to attend the launch.

A member of the audience which gathered to witness the launch said,”What many people don’t know about PJ is that he had never written anything prior to his first book last year it’s just amazing and a beautiful read.”

There was also and interview conducted by John Prendergast of Limerick’s Live 95 FM on why he started writing late in life.

“Hopefully this time next year there will be another sequel in the series I am planning. I’ve already started writing and it’s called: “Mam Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.”

Anybody interested in buying a copy of PJ Taylor’s book can contact him directly on 085 1235773 or his website:

It is also availabe in O’Mahonys and other book stores throughout Limerick.



    Hello PJ,
    my heartfelt congratulations on the two books I “devoured”:”Between the Three Bridges” and “Who’s Sorry Now?”
    Sean Hogan, my Irish friend from Limerick, presented me with them during his latest journey to Italy (Pavia, northern Italy), where I live and have been teaching English and French for many years.Sean had them signed by you, so I was thrilled when we met a couple of months ago and he gave them to me!! Sean does know that I love reading English books.
    Two years ago I spent a 4-day stay in Limerick, I did enjoy it very much. While reading your gripping books, I had the sensation that I was living in your city, greatly enjoying the entertaining situations you wrote about. But there were also touching passages.
    It was a very good read, that’s why I hope to get your next book, which I will surely appreciate a lot. So many thanks for giving me the opportunity to spend very pleasant moments in your very nice and funny company! That was great!!
    Warmest regards from Italy and CIAO!

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