Limerick hosts free Confidential Paper-shredding event

Businesses and householders throughout Limerick are being invited to drop off confidential documents to be shredded free of charge at a one-day event in the Mungret Recycling Centre on Thursday, January 28th, from 11.00am to 3.30pm.

Limerick City and County Council in conjunction with Security in Shredding, a company that offers confidential document paper shredding services in Ireland, are facilitating the ‘Free Shred Event’ to mark European Data Protection Day 2016 and promote good waste management practices.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Data Protection experts will also be on hand on the day to assist attendees with their data protection and waste management queries, and to provide best practice guidance for SME’s and householders when left with the responsibility to securely destroy end of life data.

“Householders and SME’s will be allowed to bring two, bin bags of confidential paper material such as personal information, bills and income statements, to be shredded on site on the day,” said Sinead McDonnell, Environmental Awareness Officer, Limerick City and County Council.

“The purpose of this event is twofold,” she added. “Firstly, it will create awareness of Data Protection and enable attendees who may not have facilities or funds for such a service to ensure secure destruction of their data. Secondly, waste brought to Mungret Recycling Centre will improve the waste recycling figures for the region and consequently reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.”

Mr. Albert Kelly of Security in Shredding said the upcoming one-day event coincides with the European Parliament’s informal agreement on January 6th to replace the EU Data Protection Directive from 1995 with new comprehensive privacy legislation.

He continued, “The existing Data Protection Act Ireland 1988 and 2003 is in place to ensure that everyone’s rights to privacy are protected. One of the regulations stipulates that businesses and other organisations not retain files for no longer than it is necessary and that all material past its sell by date is regularly purged, shredded and destroyed. The safe and appropriate destruction of confidential papers also minimises the risk of identity theft.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Mr. Kelly warned that the placing of unshredded confidential documents within the waste bin or waste recycling bin is “problematic”.

“Due to the recycling process that waste material goes through the material collected passes through several stages in order to maximise recycling figures prior to entering landfill, incineration and Exportation. Each one of the stages that the material goes through has a significant risk attached to it that someone will find the personal information that can be used to cause harm to an organisation, information that should have been destroyed through a confidential paper shredding service,” he said.

“As well as facilitating a confidential paper shredding service on January 28th, we will also be on hand to speak to businesses on the importance of implementing a confidential paper shredding service, and improving staff awareness and risk identification as they are of significant importance to any organisation,” added Mr. Kelly.

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