Limerick is cheapest city to live for students

LIMERICK has emerged as the most affordable of Ireland’s four cities for third-level student accommodation.

A survey compiled by the accommodation office at Limerick Institute of Technology shows that the city beats Cork, Dublin and Galway when it comes to all types of accommodation.The information was gathered from accommodation office websites, letting websites, direct contacts with landlords, letting agencies and newspaper advertisements.

The survey shows that overall Limerick is the least expensive, with Galway second, Cork third and Dublin considerably the most expensive option. For room rental in a house Limerick averages out at €70 per week, some €30 per week cheaper than the equivalent accommodation in Dublin, €10 than Cork and on a par with Galway. Limerick is the cheapest for ‘digs’ – accommodation that includes meals and shared facilities often in a family home – with Galway and Cork on average €10 per week more expensive.

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