Limerick Protest Over Cement Factory Fuel Change

Fears over Mungret Cement Factory Fuel change

A protest has been carried out in Limerick the other day against the approval of fuel change in the Local cement factory, which employs 84 people, by the city council.

Protestors, angered by the approval show fears that the swap to solid waste materials such as used tires as dangerous, claiming that toxic pollutants such as, furans, dioxins and Sulphur dioxide would be the byproducts

Limerick cement works, the plant  behind the controversy, first started off in the late 1930s and has grown alongside the demand for cement ever since, Limerick cement works believes a change from fossil fuels to solid recovered fuel will help keep the factory relevant and claim that the fuel method is widespread across cement factories in Europe, they also defend the change as they believe the high temperatures of the process mean that toxic emissions will not be a problem[streetview width=”100%” height=”250px” lat=”52.6429436671275″ lng=”-8.680228447489412″ heading=”273.60516170255795″ pitch=”2.8895696382341356″ zoom=”0.9999999999999997″][/streetview]

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