New book slams psychiatric profession for failure to support patient rehabilitation

A former probation officer has written a memoir detailing his experiences as a sufferer of Bi Polar disorder and how his encounter with psychiatric health professionals failed to offer him much solace in his attempts to understand his condition. The condition, which is also known as manic depression, is accompanied by mood swings from deep depression to manic highs. watch Nocturnal Animals 2016 movie online now

Now six years after being off prescription medicine Brian McNulty has written of his experiences in a no-holes barred memoir which holds the psychiatric profession to account. The book, Embracing Sanity: One Man’s Footsteps, after a long struggle to get a publisher to accept it, will be published Friday 29th May at 7.30pm in King John’s Castle.

The author, whose work comes across as sensitive and honest, hopes that it will have relevance to other mental health sufferers and others interested in the recovery process. He also deals with the issues of discrimination and prejudice against people with psychiatric conditions in the area of employment and takes the ‘caring professions’ to task for their failure in supporting the rehabilitation and recovery of their patients.

McNulty also recounts his sometimes humorous stays in St Patrick’s Hospital and criticises other existing institutions. He attempts to explain the Bi Polar condition presenting it as a ‘normal’ thought a difficult condition to live with. After his experience of living with the condition since his youth the author now feels that he has gained a tremendous insight into himself and the human condition becoming less judgemental when reacting to other people.

Brian McNulty is a man who has been through the mill as regards his interaction with mental health institutions but has survived and grown stronger as a result, his story though grim in parts, is ultimately one that leaves reader with a sense of well-being and hope.

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