10 flash based online games to get you through the day.

10 flash based online games to get you through the day.

Whether you’re in college/ work or just have some free time to pass while you wait for your train or before you start class (or during class ;) …) we got you covered with theses 10 links to free online games for you to spend your time on

  1. z-type.

z-type, a great game for making you seem productive to anyone not looking at your screen! This game strengthens your typing skills, and is somewhat reminiscent of space invaders the aim of the game is to shoot a word out of the sky through your typing said word. skills.


  1. world’s biggest PACMAN

world’s biggest PACMAN is an awesome game to pass the time, with a practically endless number of levels to explore and concur, and it gets better if you sign in because once signed in you get to build your own levels


  1. the Wikipedia game

the Wikipedia game is a gamified version of Wikipedia where you compete against other players to get to a certain topic from another as fast as possible via any hyperlink on the given page, it’s an exhilaration and frustrating game that will keep you going all day


  1. agar.io

agar.io is the perfect game for the biology fanatics out there, you fend for your life as a blob of bacteria eating other blobs of bacteria to grow to the top of the leader board, with different game modes and the ability to sign up and track stats this is a fully-fledged internet game that you are bound to spend hours on it, if it appeals to you


  1. pointer

pointer is a frustratingly fun game that will keep you entertained indefinitely, the aim of this game is to use your cursor to avoid the obstacles and get from a – b http://www.wiiplayable.com/playgame.php?gameid=208

  1. golf is hard

another trustingly fun game, this one will make you hate anything to do with golf but hey, at least it’ll pass the time, a lot of time because it’s so frustrating, seriously don’t play this game


  1. dodge game

simple concept: dodging missiles from space ships… well ok that doesn’t sound great, if a little over-used, but it’s still really fun to play while on your break. As you level up the spaceship become harder to beat and eventually everything explodes on your screen but it’ll get you through your lunch (just make sure to eat)


  1. racegame.io

the online flash game racing game of the century! (probably) anyways this is sure to keep you going as you battle it out among strangers to be first on the leaderboard, accelerate by holding on the left mouse button, your car will run in the direction of your cursor



  1. human benchmark

the human benchmark is a series of games that test many different aspects of your brain, from reaction timing to memorizing numbers the human benchmark is great fun and a wonderful way to see where you stand in the world of negligence’s


  1. Tetris

Tetris is the classic go to game, with many different forms of it from ea.’s free Tetris app for android and iOS (highly recommended) to the multitude of online flash games out there here is a link to just one of them:






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