Radio documentary on school stand-off wins gold award in New York

A RADIO DOCUMENTARY about a stand-off at a Limerick school has won a prestigious international award.

Grey Heron Media, a media production firm based in Kilfinane, Co Limerick, has won a gold medal at the prestigious New York Festivals Awards for its radio documentary, ‘Take No More’.

The award-winning documentary captured live the dramatic story of the stripping of a local primary school in Kilfinane by sub-contractors and the struggle by the local community to solve the resulting stand-off between sub-contractors, teachers and parents.

Parents had blocked the entrance to the school after subcontractors attempted to remove many of its fittings, claiming they were owed money from the main building contractor.

Work had begun on the school a few months before the contractor went bust, and the principal of the school Siobhan O’Flynn said that there had been ‘snags’ after it reopened.

The situation was eventually resolved.

The New York Festivals organisation oversees six international awards in media and advertising and the judges come from five continents and 30 countries around the world.

‘Take No More’ competed against entries from more than 28 countries. It was first broadcast on 15 December 2012 on RTE Radio 1 as part of the Documentary on One.

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