Rent Allowance Code Of Practice Needed


Kieran O'Donnell

A proper code of practice needs to be introduced to deal with issues arising from the rent supplement scheme, warns Kieran O’Donnell, TD.

In 2008, rent allowance in Limerick city and county cost €20 million, with more than 3,000 tenants assisted.

property-magic-2010Concerns have been raised across the city about antisocial behaviour relating to housing let under the social welfare rent allowance.

A recent meeting held in the Caherdavin area was attended by over 250 people. One resident told the Limerick Post:

“Some landlords are not taking responsibility for problems with rent supplement tenants”.

Concerns were raised about alleged inadequate vetting of tenants. Deputy O’Donnell wants these issues addressed.

“The majority of those on rent supplement are decent people but there is a minority engaged in anti-social behaviour.
“Under the Rental Accommodation Scheme, the landlord has to be registered with the PRTB, and Garda clearance is required. Neither are required under the Rent Supplement Scheme”.

He expressed confidence that if an agreement was in place between the landlord and the local authority, anti-social behaviour would be…

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The latest information on rental allowance can be found on This article is only intended as a basic general summary and you should always seek professional advice where necessary. Limerick Solicitors | Social Welfare …

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It would also facilitate that situation where deposits in relation to rent allowance, (approximate 96000 deposits) can be notionally deposited creating a saving to the state of between €60m and €80m. I would call on the government to …

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