Restoration Work to begin on Limerick’s Sarsfield Bridge

REPAIR work is set to get under way shortly on Limerick’s Sarsfield Bridge, consisting of a reinforcement of the foundations and a restoration of the lamps that adorn the 18th century landmark.

Vincent Murray, senior engineer in Limerick City Council, confirmed  that €250,000 had been allocated by the Department of Transport for the foundation work, while €100,000 has been set aside by Limerick City Council to restore the lamps on the bridge, which have not been refurbished since the late 1970s.

“Work will be commencing probably in August to reinforce the underwater foundations, and later in the year the lights on the bridge will be refurbished,” explained Mr Murray.

“The City Council made an allocation for refurbishing the lights themselves. It hasn’t gone to tender yet, but it will be probably be around €100,000 to re-wire the lights, which will all have to be taken down and sent away. That will be going out for tender in the next few weeks, with the job to go ahead in October or November,” he said, adding that the works would not cause any disruptions to traffic.

Former councillor and current honorary secretary of the Limerick Environmental Awareness Group, Sean Griffin, said that we welcomed the news that the bridge, designed by world famous architect Alexander Nemo and based on the Pont Neuilly Bridge in Paris, was to be refurbished.

“I welcome any development with regard to it, because it has been left for so many years to deteriorate, but I would question that figure of €100,000 for the lamp restoration – that kind of work is very specialised and expensive,” said Mr Griffin.

“I hope City Council do a proper job as it needs the utmost attention. It is an architectural gem and people are amazed at how closely it resembles the bridge in Paris.”