– Home Insulation Grants in Limerick are now more attractive As the current SEAI “Better Energy Homes” Grant scheme draws to an end, now couldn’t be a better time to avail of your entitlement for home insulation grants in Limerick before it’s too late, according to Niall Moran of

“With €450 available towards cavity wall and attic insulation, you will be surprised at how little you will have to contribute towards the total cost”, says Niall.

Because you can start saving money on your heating bills straight away, insulation is one of the best investments available, he points out.

But there is a additional €600 Home Insulation Grants available if you know how to claim it, Niall points out.

“I think that the uniques advantage that we have over a lot of the competition is that we we work under a scheme called improva and that allows us to apply for the grants on behalf of the homeowner”.

There’s two benefits to that. The first benefit is that the homeowner is not out of pocket in waiting for the grant to be reimbursed.

And secondly, as part of the continuing efforts to reduce harmful Co2 emissions, the oil industry is providing additional funding when you combine a “High Efficiency Boiler” and “Heating Controls” upgrade with an insulation package.

Most homeowners would not be aware of this additional subsidy because they’re not generally advertised; which is why they may miss out on an extra €600 in addition to the existing SEAI Grant allowances meaning that homeowners can receive up to a total of €1,660 in funding.

“Unlike most other contractors, Southern Insulation Services can make grant applications on behalf of the homeowner and we can deduct the grant allowance from their bill, passing the savings directly on to them without the normal delays” according to Moran.

“We then recover the grant allowance at a later date and the customer is never out of pocket”

If you are living in Limerick and would like more information about this additional home insulation grant scheme, you can contact Southern Insulation directly at 061 603290 or email: website: and they’ll get a surveyor out to give you a quotation.

Also see how changes in how home insulation grants are administered mean council tenants will no longer be left out in the cold.

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