Limerick hurler Niall Moran asks where does hurling go from here

Limerick hurler Naill Moran has questioned the direction that inter-county GAA is going in and believes it is a concern that only certain jobs lend themselves to playing at the current elite levels of the sport.

“Look at the four semi-finalists as an example and look at the age profile. Most guys are in college.

“The guy with the couple of kids, the guy in his thirties, are they being squeezed out by the uber-professionalism? Is there a role for the blocklayer in hurling any more, the farmer?

“I don’t think it is gone too far. You can never go too far in the pursuit of excellence and the pursuit of trophies. I just wonder from a lifestyle point of view, where is the gap for people to live.

“Training has become a 12 month around experience and I feel that you are losing some of the old folklore that used to go with it.

“You’ll have lads who have made lifestyle choices that allow them to extend their career. It’s an area we have to see how it evolves, but it is an area of concern for an amateur organisation.

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