William Street Limerick

William Street is reputed to be named after one of the King Williams and if so would be one of the few royal names retained in Limerick as a city street. However the dates of the reigns of these Kings do not support this theory as William III died in 1702, and William IV did […]

The saga of John The Man & Walter Stanley

Back in the golden days of pirate radio in the 70s & 80s, the people of limerick were truly blessed. By switching on to Radio Lumni, you heard the best local radio programme, in some folk’s opinion, that there ever has been. Around 7.30 am, you would hear the soft tones of John The Man […]

My Grandad…Plastered

My grandad, plastered all his life, though he never drank alcohol. He plastered walls and ceilings. And a master plasterer he was too. Bill Magner was his name, a tall thin bald man, and to my childhood eyes, always seemed to be stooped, as he rummaged his pipe bowl – which always seemed to be […]